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Captain Martin Olascoaga

Walking the docks of Cabo, there is one family name that has earned a solid reputation of well respected fishermen; "Olascoaga".


The "Fin Addict" is captained by  Martin Olascoaga; a name that represents 3 generations of fishermen on the waters around Cabo and the Sea of Cortez.


Martin began his career working with his father Luis, a noted and well respected big-game charter captain.

Fishing is a way of life for Martin. Not only does he love what he does, but his passion for fishing and attending to the guests is unsurpassed.


It is Martin's goal with every charter to insure that the guests are comfortable, having fun, and catching as much fish as possible, all day long.


Martin and the english speaking crew of the "Fin Addict" are always eager to assist you and make catching fish exciting, fun and memorable.


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